What is An Occupational Health Card (OHC)? Who Needs One, and How to Get an OHC in Dubai

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Occupational Health Card (OHC)

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment is a top priority in Dubai, UAE. This is why you might see some workers wearing a special badge, often referred to as an Occupational Health Card (OHC). But what exactly is an OHC, and who needs one?

Here at Corporate Business Services (CBS), a Dubai-based business consultancy firm, we’re here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of obtaining an OHC.

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What is an Occupational Health Card (OHC) and Why is it Important?

An OHC is a mandatory health clearance document required for many professions in Dubai. It verifies that the cardholder is medically fit to perform the duties of their specific job role. This not only protects the health and safety of the worker but also safeguards their colleagues and the overall work environment.

Think of it this way: Construction workers often handle heavy machinery or work at heights. An OHC ensures they are physically capable of these tasks, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Similarly, food service workers who handle and prepare food undergo health screenings to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

Who Needs an Occupational Health Card in Dubai?

An OHC is mandatory for a wide range of professions in Dubai, including:

  • Construction workers
  • Food service workers
  • Salon and spa employees
  • Security guards
  • Drivers (including heavy machinery operators)
  • Manufacturing and factory workers
  • Housekeeping and cleaning staff
  • And many more

If you’re unsure whether you need an OHC for your profession, it’s always best to consult with your employer or the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Why is an OHC Important?

OHCs play a crucial role in promoting workplace safety and public health in Dubai. By ensuring that workers are fit for their jobs, OHCs help to prevent the spread of occupational diseases and injuries. They also give employers peace of mind knowing their workforce is healthy and capable of performing their duties safely.

How to Get an OHC in Dubai

The process of obtaining an OHC in Dubai is generally straightforward. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Choose a DHA-approved medical facility: A list of approved facilities can be found on the DHA website.
  2. Book an appointment: Contact your chosen medical facility to schedule an appointment for an OHC medical examination.
  3. Complete the OHC application form: The application form can usually be downloaded from the DHA website or obtained from the medical facility.
  4. Gather the required documents: These typically include your passport copy, visa copy, Emirates ID copy, and any relevant medical reports.
  5. Attend the medical examination: The medical examination will typically include a physical checkup, blood tests, and other tests depending on your profession.
  6. Pay the OHC fees: The fees for obtaining an OHC vary depending on the medical facility and the type of tests required.
  7. Receive your OHC: Once you’ve passed the medical examination and paid the fees, you will be issued your OHC.

How Corporate Business Services (CBS) Can Help

Corporate Business Services (CBS) is a business consultancy firm in Dubai that can assist you with obtaining your OHC. We have extensive experience in navigating the OHC application process and can help you save time and hassle. Our services include:

  • Assisting you in choosing a DHA-approved medical facility
  • Helping you complete the OHC application form
  • Collecting and collating the required documents
  • Accompanying you to the medical appointment (optional)

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