How to Get a Commercial License in Dubai

Commercial License in Dubai

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Business setup in Dubai requires careful decision-making and planning before you can apply for the type of business license in Dubai that suits your needs.

Among other types of trade licenses, a commercial license in Dubai is a top choice for foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to tap into the many benefits of setting up a company in Dubai, UAE.

To help guide you in starting a business in Dubai, we have looked at how you can get a commercial license in Dubai. 

This post will help you better understand the benefits of a commercial license and how our expert business advisors in Dubai can assist you with the procedure for applying for a business license in Dubai, UAE.

Overview of a Commercial License in Dubai

If you want to operate a business in Dubai, you must obtain a business license from Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DET).

A commercial license in Dubai allows you to sell, import, and export goods within the UAE market. 

With a commercial license, you can also carry on special services such as brokerage and real estate-related activities, provided you meet certain requirements.

Benefits of a Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

  • A low corporate tax rate of 9% (the World’s lowest)
  • Ability to have multiple business activities from the same category under a single license
  • Simplified method for securing a work visa in Dubai, UAE
  • 100% repatriation of the company’s capital and profits to the home country
  • Minimum of 10 business activities under a single license
  • Ability to engage in foreign trading activities.
  • A wider range of global market reach

Steps to Get a Commercial License in Dubai

Getting a business license in Dubai, UAE, is straightforward, provided you seek the guidance of a professional business setup consultant in Dubai, like Corporate Business Services (CBS).

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Below are the most common steps you will need to take to get a commercial license in Dubai.

  • Determine your business structure and activity.
  • Select a business setup location (Mainland, Freezone, or Offshore)
  • Choose your company name and obtain a trade name certificate from DET.
  • Draft your business plan
  • Fill out and submit the application form from DET
  • Compile and submit the required documents for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai
  • Get additional approvals from relevant authorities (if needed)
  • Obtain initial approval from DET
  • Pay the license and other related charges.
  • Obtain your business license
  • Apply for employee visas and open a business bank account in UAE.

Contact Corporate Business Services (CBS)

If you have any questions or inquiries about starting a business in Dubai and the UAE, our experts at CBS are ready to guide you through the process of getting a business license in Dubai UAE

For over 17 years, we have been helping foreign and local investors and entrepreneurs establish their businesses in Dubai and the UAE.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What are the main types of business licenses in Dubai?

Dubai offers 4 main types of business licenses.
Commercial License: For commercial activities like selling, importation, and expectations of goods.
Professional License: For service-related activities such as consultancy, arts, carpentry, engineering consultancy, design, etc. Read More on professional licenses in Dubai.
Industrial License: For industrial-related activities like manufacturing, processing, warehousing, etc.
Tourism license: A license is required for tourist-related activities like flight reservations, hotel management, facility management, and outdoor tourist activities.

What are the required documents to setup a business in Dubai?

The required documents to set up a business in Dubai may vary based on the type of business activity and location (mainland or free zone). Some business business types may require extra documentation from part parties.
The basic requirements for business setup in Dubai include:
Passport copy of shareholders
UAE visa or EID copy of shareholders
A Non-objection Certificate (If needed)
A business plan
A letter of intent
A leasing contract for office space ( If required)
Proof of address