Guide to Business Setup in IFZA Freezone

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Guide to Business Setup in IFZA Freezone

International Freezone Authority (IFZA) Freezone in Dubai, UAE, is among the several freezone authorities in Dubai, leading a community of world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities for foreign investors looking to start a business in Dubai.

Apart from 100% foreign ownership, setting up a business in the IFZA freezone comes with many other benefits and a premium standard of business networking and partnership for SMEs.

This article will serve as your step-by-step guide to company formation in the IFZA freezone and how our expert business consultant in Dubai can assist you in every step of the process.

Why Business Setup in Dubai and IFZA Freezone?

Dubai, UAE, is a city and home to a wide range of business sectors, making it a global hub for doing business in the MENA region.

IFZA Freezone Authority in Dubai provides more than just a freezone community. It’s an ecosystem focused on customer satisfaction and seamless company formation in Dubai, UAE.

As a foreign investor, you get the following benefits when you setup a business in Dubai, UAE and IFZA in particular.

  • 100% foreign ownership of your company
  • Fast and cost-effective business setup process
  • Remote company registration process
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Flexible and multiple activities in one trade license
  • 0% corporate tax for annual profits below 375,000Dhs

Types of Business License in IFZA Freezone

It’s important to understand the different types of business licenses available to start a business in Dubai and the UAE in general.

IFZA offers different types of business licenses in Dubai, categorized into 3 main types.

Below are the three main types of business licenses offered by the IFZA free zone authority.

Professional License: IFZA offers this type of business license for businesses providing professional services such as consultancy, technical services, lifestyle, design and arts, ETC.

Looking for more details? You can book a free consultation with our experts or read this article to gain insight into how to Get a Professional License in Dubai (

Commercial License in Dubai: A commercial license provided by the IFZA freezone in Dubai authorizes the import, export, selling, and buying of goods and commodities within the freezone’s (IFZA’s) jurisdiction.

You can read more about how to Obtain a Commercial License in Dubai, or you can contact our expert for more details.

Branch Office: This is a type of license that allows you to register a branch office of a local or foreign company in the IFZA freezone.

How to Get a Business License in IFZA Freezone 

Company Formation in the IFZA freezone is easy and cost-effective. However, the documentation requirements may vary for individual and corporate shareholders.

We recommend that you seek assistance from an expert business setup consultant in Dubai, like CBS.

Below are the steps to obtain a business license in IFZA.

  • Draft a business plan and proposal outlining your license type, business activity, visa requirement, and office solution.
  • Prepare and submit your application along with the required documents, such as a copy of your passport, passport photo, copy of EID, or UAE visa. 
  • Sign and submit the E-legal form obtained from the Ifza freezone authority after initial approval.
  • Pay the license fee and receive a soft copy of your trade license.

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