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We are a Subsidiary of The Corporate Group, a trusted and reliable business service provider in the GCC region. We have a team of experienced professionals offering bespoke advice & consultancy services to SMEs and large companies across various industries. We aim to support business growth, development, trading, distribution, and diversification through innovative solutions tailored to our client’s needs. We prioritize ethical standards, transparency, and accountability in everything we do to ensure the most effective customer experience and services.

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Being a significant player in the corporate services sector in the UAE, we have received widespread praise from both the public and private sectors for our professionalism and effectiveness. Our tailored and efficient solution suite, designed for your company formation or expansion across various business types and sectors in the UAE, is something we take great pride in. Your path to success will be paved with the assistance of our team of knowledgeable, multilingual specialists.

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Our Global Reach

Our GCC locations are in the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, in addition to six global representatives. Our team is actively positioning the Corporate Group as a force of economic growth and development in the GCC region.

Sectors We Currently Serviced

Sectors Currently Serviced

Clients Testimonials

"Very Professional Company I could tell from the outset that The Corporate Group shared a range of core common values with Emperor – a strong commercial focus, a good understanding of Western markets and culture, absolute integrity and a desire to build long-lasting business and personal friendships based on hard work, trust and goodwill. That’s why we chose to work together. I’m very glad that we did."

Neil Reynolds

International Director | Company: Emperor

"Very Professional Environment. CBS is one of the leading company who offers the professionals business setup services. CBS was recommended by friends. Very good and look for more highly efficient and effective services"

Wenyong Bi

Managing Director | Company: GEO Harbour

"After meeting CBS with your senior management and ownership I quickly determined that CBS was the right fit for my business. The local know how attention to follow up support and overall clarity communicated about the services and value proposition made partnering with CBS a clear choice."

Niall Sallam

CEO | Company: Elevision Media

"TCG is Professional, efficient a company that is hungry for own growth and have the drive to help their clients grow with them. CBS has an understanding of business and it is, therefore, easy to discuss expansion plans and get proper feedback. CBS has been helpful in looking for new locations for our shops"

Anders Eik Jorgensen

Owner | Company: Thepetshop LLCtcg

Why Choose Our Services

Our Core Values

Growth, Integrity, Innovation, Empowerment

16+ Years of Existence

Over the past 16 years, we have advised multinationals and SMEs in 12 business sectors.

How Does It Benefits You?

Our expertise guides you through your business creation process, including statutory, and regulatory requirements, financial planning, and administrative tasks to help you achieve your business objectives

Market Leaders

Our market leadership, efficiency, and ability to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs set us apart from our competitors.

How Does It Benefits You?
We guide you on the most appropriate business structure, depending on your goals. This ensures personalized experiences, offering faster response times, and delivering more relevant products and services

New Ideas & Technology

Our services and processes are reflective of the uptake of technology and innovation.

How  Does It Benefits You?

By having access to real-time data on market trends, and operational effectiveness. We help you differentiate yourselves in the market, attract new customers, and increase your market share

Collaboration & Teamwork

Our strong stakeholder network and regional government relationships grant us credibility and access to useful data about guidelines, rules, and other government approvals.

How Does It Benefits You?

Our advice and advocacy will equip you to navigate bureaucratic hurdles and effectively engage with government entities.

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